Bikakis family Apartments is centrally located in Kissamos town 300 metres from the sea, at the point where they meet the beautiful beach of Telonio and the historic commercial center.

Kissamos  is a modern seaside town, 36km east of Chania, with population of 5000 people, whose economy is based mainly on agriculture – with its renowned olive oil and wine- plus tourism, and is still developing. The beauty of Kissamos is that it is a Greek town that has embraced tourism but not been spoilt by it. The visitor to Kissamos can experience local life and tradition, from the everyday to the special cultural events organized during the summer season. In recent years it has also developed as a region renowned for its alternative, natural and eco tourism and as such is a magnet for walkers, bird watchers and lovers of nature generally.

It is a hospitable town, well organized with all the facilities required of a self sufficient town, such as banks, post office, internet cafes, health centre, supermarkets and stores, tavernas, cafes and bars. It also has a very pleasant seaside promenade lined with tavernas, cafes and bars open from the morning till late at night.

The hotel is located in the center of Kissamos town. 1 minute on foot from bus station, close to supermarket, gas station and local grill houses. Only 5 minutes on foot from the Archaeological Museum of Kissamos. On of the top attractions in the town for people who want to discover the history of the area.


Kissamos Archaeological Museum

Kissamos Archaeological Museum is located in the central Tzanakakis square. It hosts remarkable finds of the area from Roman Hellenistic times to its modern sites. The mosaics that have remained unchanged over time are striking. The activities of this Museum started in 2005 and the exhibition is divided into sections based on chronological and local criteria and is distributed on the ground floor and 1st floor of the building.
In summary, on the ground floor you will find findings dating from the geometric period up to the Roman period. On the floor you will discover foundings dedicated to the city of Kissamos throughout its historical course through the years, such as coins, mosaics, pictorial representations, amphoras, objects of daily use, and findings from the tombs of Falassarna and Polyrrinia. So, Kissamos Archaeological Museum is definitely worth a visit for a time journey.


This is a special beach that spreads out the coastal pedestrian street. There you will find many café-bars and restaurants open from morning until late at night. We recommend that you visit it, not so much for swimming, but for its beautiful atmosphere.

Komolithoi Potamida

Komoliths as they are called, is a scenery about 35 km west of Chania in Potamida, Kissamos. They are hills composed of soft clay to which over time erosion has given rise to these unique formations. Prior to the discovery of cement, this natural “landscape” was of great value, as the inhabitants of the surrounding villages used it for making the terraces waterproof. According to estimates, they are remnants of an ancient seabed, and many marine fossils have been discovered in the hills. Researchers from the University of Crete have found that they contain, among other things, iron pyrite and traces of gold. Dutch researchers studying the area say the formation dates back to 7.2 million years ago. Komoliths pop up above the green fields of the plain, just a few meters away from the village houses, making an impression. The hills are completely bare of vegetation on their sides, but they have small bushes on their tops, creating a unique contrast.


Balos Beach

Still a landscape of extraordinary beauty, Balos is essentially a rock that lies in the sea and connects to the land by spreading a shallow lagoon. Its waters are impressed with their incomparable formations. The water is either deep blue or turquoise. You can reach this beach either by boat from Kissamos or by car.

Imeri Gramvousa beach

It is a small island located on the northwest coast of Chania. Although the island is not inhabited, there is an imposing fortress, and just below it, a magnificent beach lures visitors: whitewashed sand and blue waters, as well as an old shipwreck, a rusty ship’s shell, compose the spectacular setting. It can be reached by boat from Kissamos.

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi is a small island that joins a sandy peninsula across the land. In the meantime an excellent lagoon is formed, with crystal clear waters. As one can imagine, the landscape is of unparalleled beauty throughout Greece, the Mediterranean, and even the world. It is located 76 kilometers southwest of Chania and five kilometers south of Chrysoskalitissa Monastery, at the southwestern tip of Crete.


Falassarna is very popular and well known for its crystal clear water and white sand. At the northwest of Crete, close to Kissamos town, Falassarna area has organanised bays where you can enjoy swimming. There are several beach bars and restaurants in the area. You can go there from morning till night, as the sunset in Falassarna is one of the most popular sights in west Crete!

Ntamialis Beach

Located a few kilometers outside Kissamos as you go towards the new port of Kissamos, it is a very picturesque bay, named after St. John Damiali’s chapel. Anyone who does not know about this beach would be unable to locate it.

Mavros Molos

Mavros Molos: It is located in Kasteli and is the most prominent beach of Kissamos. It is an organized beach, which is ideal for family moments as it has calm and shallow waters. So it’s located on the west end of town specifically, right in front of restaurants and taverns.

Panagia Honi

Panagia Honi is located on the east of Nopigia. The landscape is of wild beauty with rocks hanging right above your head and other rise up from the sea in amazing formations. The area and the beach are named after the little church which is built there. The beach is rocky but very clear. Above the shore there is a large area where you can park your car or even have a pic nic by the beach. There are some trees which can provide you some shadow during the hot days of summer.
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