Cretan gastronomy is a walk through the paths of Cretan history and Greek history in general. It could also be a walk though the universal history, too, as Cretan cuisine is popular globally nowadays. You can find below from its development and local products to how you will be able to enjoy the Cretan cuisine to all its glory.

First and foremost, let’s see a brief chronology of the Cretan gastronomy.

The truth is that Cretan cuisine stood still as time passed. We know this by studying rare writings, from which it has been proven that only a few products have been added to the Cretan cuisine since the times of the Minoans. Furthermore, it is now also proven that olive oil, cereals, wine and fish were used in a great degree. As for the diet of the Cretans during the Classic Period, according to Athenian sources, it did not differ from the nutritional habits of other Greek cities. This was the time, anyway, when all areas had the same diet habits except for some differentiating elements. During the Byzantine Empire, Creta played a very important role to the formation of the Byzantine cuisine. On the other hand, it is obvious that Cretan gastronomy wasn’t spoiled during the Ottoman Empire, even though some products were renamed using turkish definitions. Cretan cuisine got affected by the arrival of the refugees from the Western Asia massacre though, while its contact with North Africa added some other elements, which do not dominate it though.

Nowadays, Cretan cuisine is globally famous. This happened because it is a great example of original mediterranean diet on one hand, and Cretan products are famous in Greece and globally. Furthermore, products like virgin olive oil, types of cheese as mizithra, xinomizithra, staka, xinohondros, fresh fruit and types of meat as goat meat, vinegar sausage and snails are used in the Cretan cuisine.

Even though Cretan gastronomy is interesting, this does not mean that you should be satisfied only from its history. We recommend you to visit a local restaurant in Chania, where you will enjoy your meal in the best way possible. Our advice for you i to trust the restaurants which will attract you by the sound of Cretan lyre, while you will be able to enjoy the Cretan nature at the same time. It is guaranteed that this experience will be unforgettable, as you will be able to recall the experience of all your senses later.

As you may have already guessed, you can enjoy the Cretan cuisine in our resort. The menu from which you can select your meal consists of traditional Cretan meals. Of course, they are prepared using original Cretan recipes and local products. Our hospitable environment and great service will only make your gastronomic experience better.

Summing up, we have seen a brief chronicle of the Cretan gastronomy and the best ways you can enjoy it to its most. You can be daring by choosing something you have never tried before, or you might prefer a “safer” choice judging from your own gastronomic preferences. No matter what yiu do, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied and that yiu will live a true contact with the Cretan culture and tradition.

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