Even if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as many studies have shown, it is commonly undervalued, especially on summer vacation. This happens for many reasons, as for example sleep schedule changes and the fact that some restaurants don’t provide breakfast. However, in Chania you will not have to cope with this problem. You will have the ability to enjoy an authentic Cretan breakfast in our beautifully decorated resort.

Before analyzing the kind of breakfast you will find here, let’s take a look at a brief chronicle of Cretan breakfast.

The truth is that the Cretan breakfast of the past was quite different from the one consumed nowadays. This happens because the majority of Cretans used to be blue collar labor. The commonest breakfast used to be a glass of wine in which bread, fruit or leftovers were dipped. Nowadays, however, this isn’t very common, as a result from the different lifestyle of the islanders. So, it would be in vain to recreate the traditional breakfast exactly in the way it was, but a more realistic and modernized approach to it would be ideal.

In order to succeed in a great approach to the Cretan breakfast, a balance in mixing the traditional and the modern elements should be kept. In our beautifully decorated room, which is greatly affected by the Cretan folklore, you are able to taste a gastronomic combination of original Cretan products with a common type of breakfast, which could be enjoyed in your daily routine or in any other place you would have visited.

No person is the same, especially concerning their gastronomic preferences. Our goal is that you will be able to connect with the Cretan tradition as much as possible. One of the ways you can do this in our resort is by using your taste. Even if you are not very daring, you can combine a common breakfast with a spectrum of authentic Cretan products, so that you improve the taste of the most important meal of the day. But if you are indeed daring gastronomically, the products we have in stores for you cover a large variety of taste preferences, as they range from common to more unique Cretan products.

Of course, you can enjoy your breakfast in our resort. Breakfast here is served on a buffet. You may sit comfortably in our greatly decorated and hospitable breakfast room, where you will taste an original Cretan breakfast. We are sure that you will appreciate the breakfast we provide for you, as it will build up your energy and it will help you meet deeply the Cretan culture and gastronomy.

Summing up, it is guaranteed that you will not be unsatisfied concerning the most important meal of the day in our resort. Taking into consideration the variety of gastronomic preferences of our visitors, but also our goal for them to take an authentic trip into the Cretan politism, we offer you the best we can. If you are either daring or if you just want to try different and new tastes, it is sure that you will not have to skip breakfast in the cozy and hospitable place we have taken care for you.

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