It is guaranteed that your getaway in Chania of Crete will satisfy you regarding the entertainment it has to offer. It has a variety from which you can choose the best entertainment option for you.

First and foremost, in Chania you will be able to find types of entertainment that will bring you closer to the traditional Cretan culture. There are many where you can jave fun, with musicians who play the lyre, the laouto amd sometimes the violin. Usually, the islanders hang out in these places, giving you the chance to come in contact with the authentic Cretans. 

Also, there are bars with small orchestras who play a variety of Greek music. These bars are a good option for entertainment, especially for young people.

Another way you can have fun is to enjoy the summer movie theater, which operates in the garden of the municipal theater. Classic and modern music concerts, plays and other artistic events take place there every summer. All this takes place at the Venetian harbor, at the Peace Park Theater and at the East Trench.

Of course, we have to mention the clubs and bars in Chania. They are capable of providing entertainment for all tastes, as various jazz and pop music is combined with Greek music and gives you the opportunity to choose from them, depending on the time and your mood. The nightlife in this Cretan state is unparalleled. A plethora of nightlife shops of all kinds cater to all tastes. These are concentrated in Chania, Sougia, Kasteli and Agia Marina mainly. Powerful music harmonized with beautiful scenery, with the Cretan nature for background, is guaranteed to make you enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Finally, it would be impossible not to notice here the beaches of Chania, which are a fun on their own. In addition to the beauty and diversity of Chania’s sandy beaches that make up an earthly paradise, you can choose a more touristy beach that will be able to offer activities that will entertain you. For example, Platanias Beach, opposite Chania’s most popular summer resort, offers beach bars and parties. You can also try various water sports for a fun and yet unique experience.

In conclusion, we saw the main places to have fun in Chania Crete. The choices available are able to satisfy the wide range of preferences of travelers who have chosen Chania as their holiday destination. From traditional Cretan haunts and bars, art festivals to frantic nightlife, for the most adventurous, Chania’s entertainment options will fully satisfy you.

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