Kissamos has many beaches that can meet the preferences of its visitors. Most are within easy reach, either within the city, or to the east or west of it, at most 10 kilometers. Also, almost all have sun loungers and showers, as well as hotels, taverns or cafés nearby. Below we will see some of these beaches that you should visit.

Μavros Molos: It is located in Kasteli and is the most prominent beach of Kissamos. This is an organized beach, which is ideal for family moments as it has calm and shallow waters. It’s located on the west end of town specifically, right in front of restaurants and taverns.

Τelonio: In essence, Telonio is a rocky area where you will not be able to sit. It is essentially the seaside road running through the cafes and restaurants in Kissamos. It has a youthful and cheerful atmosphere, which you would have missed if you had not visited, but it is definitely better to choose another beach for your summer bath.

Vrachakia Beach: This is a small sandy beach that is not organized. To reach this beach you have to go either to the beachfront cafes and restaurants of the Telonio or to the east of Mavros Molos Beach.

Damiai Beach: Located a few kilometers outside Kissamos as you march towards the new port of Kissamos, it is a very picturesque bay, named after the church of St. John Damian. Anyone who does not know about this beach would be unable to locate it. The church of Saint John is built in a cave in the rock. We advise you to look at the cave, and look for the tunnel that runs down the road from the church enclosure and leads you to the small beach with big tamarisk trees and pebbles. Being small as a beach, the space available will be minimal but you will enjoy the dew in the shade of the trees. Of course there is a taverna above the beach, but also one in the picturesque harbor with fishing boats heading to Kasteli.

Vigglia Beach: This beach is not organized and the number of visitors is quite limited. It has sand and small pebbles, and rocks in front of it protect part of it and as a result the beach is ideal for young children.

In conclusion, we saw some of the beaches of Kissamos, inside and outside the city. Other family-friendly, others with a youthful and caring atmosphere will satisfy their guests’ preferences. Finally, it is important to note that Kissamos, being not a very popular tourist destination, will let you relax while enjoying its beautiful scenery, while not having trouble locating its beaches.

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