Chania can offer plenty of athletic activities to its visitors. From watersports, family friendly and fun activities, to milder ones, it is sure that this destination will not let you wonder what you could do to pass your time. We have brought together the most popular activities, which you can find below.

It is not a coincidence that Chania is famous for its beaches. From phantasmagoric Balos to dreamy Elafonissi, it would be impossible for the Cretan waters not to be taken advantage of in terms of watersports. The latter include a sarisfactory variety, like sea tours, windsurfing, and scuba diving in the Cretan bottom of the sea. You can also find small boats every day which will take you to the most famous secluded beaches. Furthermore, concerning the sea tours by a sailboat, many visitors combine their holidays with a tour by a sailboat in magical Santorini. On some beaxhes, specifically, like on the one of Platanias or Balos, you can find the most entertaining sports. These include kitesurfing, windsurfing and the newly emerging paddle surfing (SUP).

The best way for someone to see The beauty of the landscape is by far hiking. Chania and Coretta in general have a variety of destinations which are fit for hiking from canyons to pathways. We can talk about hiking though if we don’t mention the E4 path. The E4, starting from the Pyrenees through the Alps and crossing all of Greece, reaches Kissamos, crosses Crete to Kato Zakros and ends in Cyprus.καλύτερος τρόπος για να δει κανείς την ομορφιά κάποιου τόπου είναι αναμφίβολα η πεζοπορία. It gives the chance to its visitors to live a journey by traveling through different customs and traditions, meetings with authentic people and discoveries of forgotten civilizations. We mustn’t forget also to mention the canyon of Samaria, which will offer you an unforgettable experience. It is located only a few kilometers firm Chania and it is the biggest and most popular canyon of Crete. One day devoted to its 18 kilometers will make you see the Cretan nature to all its glory.

Family Activities
Apart from water sports and the magical hikings, Chania can offer you the chance keeping the kids busy during their summer vacation. From all the activities available, Olive Ranch and forest school Kariatzoules are going to be presented below.
Olive Ranch is a ranch, which is located in Nio Chorio of Apokronas. It is about a big area full of horses, ponies, donkeys and other animals, wooden toys, and specially molded areas so that children can play freely. When the children reach the ranch, they will be able to feed and pet the animals, and to also enjoy other activities such as riding bicycles and trikes, explorings in the park, etc.
On the other hand, Kariatzoules is an alternative school, which includes activities which that aim at bringing the children closer to nature through interactive games, plenty of projects, handcrafts with natural materials, respect towards the environment and conversations regarding nature and animals.

Judging from all of the above, we could easily come to the conclusion that this earthly Cretan paradize can offer its visitors a lot of opportunities for activities. And it is guaranteed that it will satisfy the tastes of its visitors, even the ones of the very demanding ones.

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